For community to happen the way we see it, it involves each one of us. There is no emphasis on hierarchy - but a collaborative participation. We all have gifts and talents and different ways we can be generous. We are super careful not to make the organization of community "the thing" -- but we do have financial and volunteering needs that always need engagement. Take a moment and see where you'd like to serve.


Convergence Community (dba of Fusion Church) is a 501(c)3 non-profit – each financial donation is a tax exempt contribution. If you have any questions about the donation process, please email us.

Give By Mail

Convergence Community
P.O. BOX 57076 Oklahoma City, OK 73157




Who wants to help out?
JUMP RIGHT IN -- You can make a difference in our community!

You *DO* matter!  Everyone can shape Convergence to become a community response to God’s heart in OKC.  We always believe that everyone plays a role in making Convergence what it IS and WILL BE.

So, in everything we do, we INVITE YOU to participate.

The Gathering, on Sunday evenings is a conversation.  Really!  We ask for full participation—sure, you can sit and observe, we won’t call you out.  But, questions are asked, and even the direction the evening goes is often shaped by the conversation that unfolds. On Sunday evenings we also ask for help with our kids, setup/tear down, and baking the communion bread. If you are interested in COLLABORATING to make Convergence Community, your community, share some info with us and check out some areas to volunteer.