We Are Contemplative

We believe the contemplative roots of our faith can lead us to be more fully present to see, sense, feel, and experience life—with God and others.  Life is often chaotic and over-saturated with noise and stress.  The contemplative tradition offers practices that lead to a path out of such chaos.


God’s relationship with you is fully intact. Your relationship with God may differ from day to day, but it is never located anywhere far away or at a distance. You are not way down here and God is not way up there. You are in God, and God surrounds you. Do not doubt that God holds you, and do not doubt for one minute that God loves you.  
— Danielle Shroyer


Their exists a great heritage of spirituality, contemplation, and prayer in the ancient traditions of Jesus followers, referred to as the Contemplative Tradition. We share with this tradition the belief that a life of awareness, one where we are fully present to see, sense, feel, and know God and others comes through a life of contemplation. Often the silence, imaginative journey, and communion with God that we crave gets overwhelmed by the busy, loud, over saturated existence. We have found the following community experiences and prayer practices to be encouraging vehicles in our desire to let go of ego–and find meaning in God.

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Practices to Download

The resources below are practices we have used within Convergence–either written by us or taken from writers championing the Christian Contemplative aspect of following God. We welcome you to click on the PDF links below and begin using these practices in your everyday life. Also, share your experience in your with others!

Deep Listening | Who is at your table?
Lectio Divina
Surrendering Prayer
Awaken Community Prayer
The Jesus Prayer
Centering Prayer
Breathing Prayer
City of Lights Meditation
The Daily Examen
Divine Hours – Sample Day
Imaginative Meditation
Imaginative Meditation – Holy Week
A Meditation on Justice
Spiritual Direction
Litany of Resistance
Litany of Penitence
Art Reflection: Sea of Galilee
Art Reflection: Supper at Emmaus