we are in the season of Advent

Welcome to the Convergence Community website.  While we obviously encourage you to look around, view the pictures of community life, and read about the ongoing conversations we are having.  However, nothing can tell you more about Convergence than experiencing life within our community.  We welcome you to a Sunday Gathering (5pm most Sunday nights) or a weekly Neighborhood Meal.  We can write some pretty lofty things about community life but, our greatest hope is to live them out.

SUNDAY DEC02 @ 5pm - The Gathering @ FBCOKC
First week of ADVENT. We’ll introduce the theme, Waiting in Complexity an Advent Story. Regular conversation and practices for the evening.

SUNDAY DEC09 @ 5pm - Craft Night
We are building kits for City Care. We’ll meet here at FBCOKC for a family night working together building some holiday focused items.

SATURDAY DEC15 @ 6pm - Christmas PARTY
Adult Christmas party at the Freund’s. Bring a gift of $15 or less for the Dirty Santa (totally optional). Bring a an app for all to enjoy.

SUNDAY DEC16 @ 5pm  - Christmas Extravaganza
Advent Sunday 03 - It’s a talent wonderland around here. So get ready to share some of your gifts with the group. We’ll have food and fun. Also, kiddos can participate in an OPTIONAL gift exchange ($5 or less). This will be a family night here at FBCOKC.

WED DEC19 @ 6:30pm  - Christmas Story
We’ll gather at the Melson’s house for Christmas treats and drinks while listening to an interactive reading of the Christmas Story.
SUNDAY DEC23 - No Gathering
Advent Sunday 04 - we’ll provide some readings to do at home with your household or smaller gathering of friends.

SUNDAY DEC30 - No Gathering
A wrapping conversation around the Christmas theme of Arrival and how it might interact with our Advent theme, Waiting in Complexity an Advent Story.

This advent season we are considering the relationship between and among COMPLEXITY, MYSTERY AND HOPE. Hope isn’t a juvenile practice of ignoring what is hard or intricate about life. Hope is not a practice in ignoring the parts of life we want to evacuate from. But what is hope? And how can we live within hope? (By no means is this a how - to - hope seasonal guide) but it does ask a few honest questions. Check out our further PDF of questions and readings for the Advent season.

The purpose of an evolutionary spirituality is to teach people how to envision the future that God envisions for creation and to choose to bring it about. It is summed up in the not-yet question you may ask yourself each year and each day: “What will I make my life about?
— Louis Savary on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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