My Year in Review

The Reason Convergence creates My Year in Review

“I feel stuck.”

If you’ve ever uttered those three words—you may more readily understand what ‘My Year in Review’ is really about. Bill Mallonee often introduced his song My Year in Review with the following words . . .

“Sometimes you go through large stretches of your life,
not knowing what you did things for.”

Isn’t it true—one day we seem to “wake up” and we aren’t sure how we got to the life we are currently living? Maybe we feel life is better than we could have dreamed–or maybe we wonder how things derailed the way they did. The art of Introspection, reflecting and contemplating life is something all of us likely want, but seldom participate in. Our everyday living becomes scattered, busy, and often mindlessly absent from real living–in all it’s beauty and all it’s pain. We numbingly sleepwalk–with little growth in our relationships, personal life, and life with God. But, we want more–and we are made for more!

“For the practitioner, creating spaces where we can talk about these issues is not enough.
The challenge is to create environments where the experience is undergone. “ 

- Peter Rollins


While there is still no replacement for the lessons and insight that our life experience can bring; I’m a firm believer that we can achieve some very important progress in our inward life in the practice of the contemplative life. Life experience along with the addition of contemplative practice makes for the possibility of vulnerability, of a humble and tender heart, of awareness to see more of life.

Interactive Stations

Throughout the year we are exposed to movies, art, music, news, collective and individual stories. MYIR is about processing some of these things to better see life as it is, to be more intentionally equipped for the unfolding year. There is something to the process of interacting with our senses to help solidify our reflections.