Community Writings

We are publishing conversation recaps, contemplative practices, and other valuable resources at our new Medium publication, Convergence Community. We also have a few archived resources below of anything from past years of My Year In Review stations guides, to Lent booklets, to former Retreat writings.

Download these PDFs and get a feel for over a decade of our processing of shared life.


Community Experiences

We often begin certain seasons with an intentional focus for our community. For the new year we create an experience called MY YEAR IN REVIEW, for the Christian Calendar seasons of Advent and Lent (the Forty) we devote ourselves to specific practices and prayer.  And, it seems, that most every FALL we go on retreat together. We have documented most of these experiences through conversation guides, curated prayer practices, and art for reflection. The compilations for such season is included below.


There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.
— Marshall McLuhan



Feel free to download and use any of these for your context. We cite many quotes and artists -- so make sure you include those citations. We hope you might find a sense of encouragement within the working out of faith, beauty, truth, self, and shared life on these pages of our writings.