From our first community retreat in 2009, we explored the value of silence, conversation, and shared meals. We were a community willing but still reluctant to place silence within our retreat experience. However, once we engaged in the hours of silence we knew that this would be a hallmark of future retreats. 

Since 2009 we have continued to take annual retreats that establish the contemplative way as formative and primary to the exploration of faith within our community.

Qualities of our Contemplative Retreat

Every retreat that we lead is first and foremost about making room for silence.  As difficult as that may sound, we have found this to be the most refreshing aspect of our retreats.

Conversation & Vulnerability
While we do place silence at the forefront, we also include several accompanying vital aspects. We deeply rely on conversation. We feel that every person in the group gathered (usually around 20 or less) for retreat is a gift and offers a unique story into matters of life, God, and faith. This conversational aesthetic can only be achieved by vulnerability. We value vulnerability as something beyond honestly and authenticity. Authenticity is about being honest about life. But vulnerability, while being completely open and honest, is also about an openness for transformation.

Contemplative Tradition
We also call upon the contemplative Christian tradition to reinforce our silence, conversation, and vulnerability. In every retreat, we offer exposure to the ancient Christian tradition of contemplative prayer. We prayerfully and thoughtfully craft each retreat booklet and schedule to include a variety of voices, practices, and prayers that have guided us in our own transformative journeys.



Created Content
Every retreatant will receive a book created specifically for their retreat. We theme each retreat, providing artwork, practices, and aspects of our own story within each book. We provide practices that are meaningful to us and pertinent to the theme we have chosen.

Gift Bag
Each retreatant will also receive a bag of items that will be helpful throughout the weekend. You can expect things like pens, journals, additional reading material, etc. to be among the swag.

Stations & Surroundings
You'll also have a library of books, creative stations, and the natural environment to explore around the cabin. We want you to find rest and engagement during your time of silence--a time where there is no agenda, other than to shed the sense of pull that often follows us everywhere we go.



Our Philosophy
Food promotes conversation and community. A group that can drink, eat, laugh, and cry together around a meal is a group that will have layers of connection that last. We are fascinated by the way Jesus’ own story often centers around a meal. What could it possibly say about the importance of sharing a table? 

Our retreats not only offer the important moments of prayer, conversation, and contemplation. But they also moments to gather and eat and enjoy each other.  

Below you can find out more about the annual Contemplative Retreat that we as a community embark on each fall season. Or, if you aren't apart of Convergence and would like to have to find out more about us leading a retreat for your group - check out our booking page.



Fall Contemplative Retreat

Convergence Retreat
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